Benefit from rapid, knowing response.

We completely tailor our support services to each customer's needs. Our ability to keep you operating at top efficiency comes from completely knowing your lab—the technologies you have in place, how it's configured, how they integrate with other solutions and instruments, and your lab's workflows.

Full Life Cycle Support

We leverage the LabCentrix Customer Care offering as soon as our relationship begins. Every customer can take advantage of our unique support approach:
  • Whole-solution Support to cover your entire system, including off-the-shelf software, integration points, custom software and knowledge of your lab’s operations.
  • On-site Reviews that ensure we maintain up-to-date knowledge of your lab’s technology solutions.
  • Lab-specific Knowledge Base that provides a comprehensive and up-to-date database of your entire solution and processes that expedites issue resolution.
  • Global Knowledge Base that offers general information about industry and product topics.
  • Complete Issue Visibility that is provided by 24/7 access to case status, automated ticket tracking and closed-case details.
  • Quarterly Reports & Assessments that deliver a summary all enhancement requests, deliverables and budget status.

Support Offerings

LabCentrix offers a variety of support levels that can be combined to satisfy your operational requirements and user needs.
       End-user Support
       LIMS Software Support
       Customer Care Center, a 24/7 Support Portal
       Phone and Email Support
       On-site Support
       Remote Systems Assessments
       Fixed Enhancement Support