Extend the value of your LIMS system.

We leverage our expertise in lab operations and our intricate knowledge of specific off-the-shelf LIMS products such as Thermo Scientific's Nautilus™ to create our Amplify™ product offerings. The Amplify™ software products are designed to work with your LIMS software—adding extra functionality that will help improve your lab's productivity. The result is a fast and efficient way to increase the return on your informatics investments.


In addition to delivering extended LIMS functionality, the LabCentrix Amplify products are packaged to offer these added advantages:
       Greater effectiveness from LIMS solutions
       Straightforward implementation
       Smooth integration with existing systems
       Minimal IT resource requirements
       Increased productivity gains


LabCentrix offers the following Amplify products:
       Amplify™ SmartManager™for Nautilus™
       Amplify™ Workflow Control™for Nautilus™
       Amplify™ Workflow Notifier™for Nautilus™