Ensure best practices with a one-stop LIMS solution.

Now even small and mid-sized labs can afford the benefits of a best-practice LIMS solution. Pre-configured Affinity™ Packages eliminate the additional costs of customization and programming inherent in a LIMS system implementation—saving considerable time and money.
Each pre-packaged Affinity LIMS offering is designed to address a high-percentage of the requirements to automate workflows and to collect, report and analyze data for a specific lab type. This approach makes it possible for labs of any size to gain the benefits of automation.

Even better, the consulting services, training, and support you need is built into each Affinity package. Every implementation is designed to reinforce exceptional quality and productivity in your lab's operations.


Affinity Packages can be accompanied with the services and technology that meet your needs, including:
       Pre-configured LIMS software
       Implementation services


In addition to workflow improvements usually achieved through the deployment of LIMS solutions, Affinity Packages offer significant advantages:
       Cost savings derived from leveraging pre-packaged functionality
       Assurance of high-quality, best practices workflow processes and procedures
       IT staff efficiencies
       Training specific to your implementation


LabCentrix offers the following Affinity packages:
       Affinity™ for Affymetrix®
       Affinity™ for Cord Blood Labs